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Good afternoon,

I was a little dismayed this week after three separate people didn’t know that Stow Police Station was still open as they had thought it was closed.

I wanted to pop this alert out to everyone in the North Cotswolds to say that we are still here! And whilst we are not open to the public every day, we still operate from this location and officers still work here 24/7.

The station is open Monday – Wednesday from 9am till 5pm, where the reception is manned by our Customer Contact Advisor, Bob Hardie, who will be happy to; take details, give advice or find an officer for you to speak with.

Can I also take this time to reiterate to members of the public who have a number for the briefing room at Stow, that this number is not to be used to report crimes. Please always call 101 or 999 in an emergency.


Charlie Symes, PCSO 9251, Stow Police Station

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One thought on “Stow Police Station

  1. Hello Charlie
    I was pleased to see your letter on Twitter. ….. I know you are understaffed and always busy, but the North Cotswolds seem to lack much in the way of attention or support from the local police. (Unfortunately the number of people who regularly use Twitter is not huge, and you may find that it isn’t the best way to get a message across.)
    Re Stow Police Station……it looks closed and that’s why people think it is closed.
    Is there a local contact telephone number – and 101 doesn’t always seem appropriate.
    Might it be a good idea to have a regular Police Point there, and to advertise that? Residents and visitors in both Moreton & Bourton are advised when local police are available, and I’m sure Stow people would appreciate similar access.

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