Supriya Ray update on POS

The following is from Supriya Ray to the proactive villagers on VF:

I would like to reiterate our commitment to completing the POS in accordance to the approved 2013 landscaping plans. As you are no doubt aware, the POS landscaping plans have yet to be formally approved by Cotswold District Council, and as such any work, other than general maintenance work, is on hold. The current expectation is that the landscaping plans will be determined, via committee, in December 2018.

He also went onto say, James Fowler is the new site manager and is doing his best to get up to speed.

Meanwhile, top soil is being delivered and stored near the Calor Gas Tanks ready for application once plans are passed to the 2013 specification.

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One thought on “Supriya Ray update on POS

  1. James Fowler claims to have been here to clear the site originally! Perhaps he has been sent back to do the job properly this time? The attenuation pond is nothing like the 2013 plans nor the South Field!

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