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The Trim Trail is complete.

Update: 21 August 2019

Bovis Homes have clearly invested some serious money on the Trim Trail and it is something that UR should be immensely proud of. I look forward to the Heras fencing being removed ready for a work out on the elements on Proctor and Mitchell Way. There is a rider, I wouldn’t want it IMBY and therefore feel for those who overlook it.

Update: 18 August 2019

It has been reported that the Delfin Way trim trail has been vandalised by someone with a saw (Police notified). It would appear that this is a demonstration against this facility.

Why would anyone vandalise the trim trail promised since the development was begun? Victory Fields home owners should have examined the overall site plans before buying their properties, rather than complaining at this late stage and damaging Linden/Bovis property. I hope Linden/Bovis press charges against these perpetrators as people cannot be allowed to damage private or public property and get away with it.

Update: 13 August 2019

No comments are allowed on the Planning Portal as CDC has decided to permit the development.


Update: 30 July 2019

The trail is progressing along Mitchell towards Proctor. The quality of the equipment does appear to be of a high standard and exactly as promised by the developers way back in 2013.

Date: 22 July 2019

For all the doubters and the soothsayers, the first trim trail has begun installation between Delfin and Mitchell Way!

However, after visiting the planning portal the trim trail does not meet residents expectations (unfortunately it is exactly as promised by the developers). See below:


To examine all the plans and view comments visit: 17/04151/FUL | Variation of Condition 1 of reserved matters permission 12/03810/REM dated 23/01/2013 to provide detailed plans and sections of –| Land Parcel At Upper Rissington Upper Rissington Gloucestershire GL54 2NP

Below are a selection of plans for the the LEAPS, SKATE PARK, MAZE and COUNTRY PARKS and the trail built is in the planned location!



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