The Village Hall Trust is dissolved!

Below is a quote from the old Trust website, which is still active??


The Village Hall Trust has now been formally dissolved. On the day of dissolution the Trust handed a cheque to the Parish Council for the balance of its accounts, £16,141.99.


During the time of operation the Trust received grants from the Parish Council totalling £35,000 of community money. During the time of operation the Trust invested over £26,000 in equipment and furniture which it has transferred to the Parish Council. In the final years of operation, due to Covid, incomes were slashed and operational costs of over £10,000 were absorbed from reserves. So together it can be seen that the community has received excellent value from its investment in the Trust.


Going forward, the Hall is being well managed by the Parish Council and the signs are healthy for volunteers and paid professionals combining to maintain the Hall as a vibrant hub of the community. The outgoing Trustees and Management Committee wish the Parish Council success with the Hall and are optimistic for the spirit of cooperation and community focus of the current Parish Councillors.


Richard Knight
Chairman of  Village Hall Trust
November 2021

NB: It should be noted that the Village Hall Trust website is still active which is rather confusing. The goto place for booking the village hall is here link.