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Collated Pictures of Flypast – will place all in one post.

A low fly past by the BBMF Dakota C47; over Upper Rissington this evening. Camera, not set up for the picture – just by chance.

This aircraft is based at RAF Conningsby as part of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

21 Feb 2018

Two Hercules C130J models over flew RAF Little Rissington 19 April 2017.

I thought they maybe para dropping, however upon investigation of Notams, noting was listed, except for long term gliding Notam.

29 Sep 2016

On my way down to the Lamb Inn at Great Rissington for a Pie and a Pint and this huge chunk of metal takes off from RAF Little Rissington. Had many RAF friends who flew this in the 80’s. Lost a good friend in the Falklands war who crashed in a “white out” on these. Andy Johns RIP.

16th July 2014, two C130J model Hercules flew over Upper Rissington and then RAF Little Rissington on a PR mission. Their mission was to simulate an explosion on the ground detonated from the C130J for a Royal Air Force recruiting campaign.

Below are some pictures. Please accept my apologies for the low quality as I wasn’t in the right place or at the right time with the correct camera.