UR Parish Council is Hiding information from the Public?

Today my wife visited URPC offices by arrangement to gather information from the clerk. As was expected the clerk was chaperoned by councillor Dawn Laird.

The following information was asked to be seen, cheque stubs, bank statements, confidential minutes, all of which was denied access. 

It is clear that UR Parish Council is failing in its duties to be open and transparent. Especially, when it comes to the mount of money wasted to arrange for Debbie Hill to leave URPC. It should be noted that the amount can easily be calculated (£5000), but this wasn’t the point, Margaret wanted to see the actual figures in black & white.

Is there anyone that can explain why this council is more protective than central government? If you asked to see the redundancy packages of any government official it would all be available, but not in Upper Rissington.

The sad part is that our small village is being ruined by inappropriate people on the Parish Council, who appear to have a weird agenda in denying any progress within the village. These very same people have caused numerous Chairpersons to resign, the last being Marc Buffrey. I therefore officially classify them as dangerous, I can only assume they will attempt to stop the good work done by Marc. I sincerely hope it doesn’t include the play park.

Below are the reference posts about the requests:

A request to see minutes from URPC

URPC – Annual Accounts – 31 Mar ’18

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3 thoughts on “UR Parish Council is Hiding information from the Public?

  1. I did indeed go along to see the clerk, re accts of Upper Rissington Parish Council but I found that I left with no information for all the request I made.

    All I got was that GAPTC had advised them that information regarding the missing 10 cheque numbers could not be revealed.

    When asked to see bank statements for the council along with the cheque stubbs this was denied.

    The Cheque book was not to hand, although a book of used cheque books and a current cheque book was there, except the one I requested was not.

    I had an email after the meeting from the clerk to say she had found the cheque book and she was happy with questions I asked but again no proof as I was refused access to see them for myself Why? I requested to pop in and view to confirm where these 10 cheques had gone but affaid its not going to happen.

  2. The URPC is using the Data protection act to withhold all data! According to DL Marc Buffety’s resignation letter is confidential but when a cabinet minister in Central Government resigns his letter is published immediately ! All rubbish! I asked about the anomalous differences in expenditures between 2016/17 & 2017/18 for managing the TPO’s and all I received was a tree survey which was 5 years old! Residents if Upper Rissington must start calling for the CGR to be approved at CDC and we can then elect a council to represent us all!

  3. Why has Marc Buffery not bothered to tell the members of the Parish why he resigned? Surely he has not been gagged as well?

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