Update: UR – Sub Stations

Something peculiar to the older part of Upper Rissington are these sub stations, with old control boxes outside the fenced off areas. I have just contacted SSE via their website and hopefully they may remove them. I am concerned that they could be used to gain a foot hold into the active sub stations areas and thus could be viewed as a DANGER TO LIFE, as per the signs.

EDIT (23 May 2019): SSE said they have visited the sub stations and are considering the removal of the defunct boxes.

EDIT: SSE came back and advised me that they are not responsible. For Substations/overhead cables etc. the local network provider in our area is SSEN.

EDIT: (15 May 2019): SSEN are going to look at the boxes and make safe if necessary. The customer representative said they will examine them, she did not know whether they would be removed or not.

Tel: 0800 048 3516
Emergency: 105

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