UR Tree Management

7 Feb 2018

Below is an extract from the UR Parish Council Minutes dated 7 February 2018. Has there been any progress since?

Tree Management: A group of Parish-owned Cockspur Thorn trees on Harris Gardens are in decline due to their age, and 7 large branches failed under the weight of snow in December 2017. Additionally, a resident had complained of pre-existing problems with the tree outside her property, which had suspended dead branches and multiple splits to its branches after being repeatedly hit by waste lorries. Advice had been sought on how to manage these trees, and two different opinions were received: one to prune 9 trees in the group, and another to fell 2 trees now, and possibly others in future due to the risk of further branch failure.

The first opinion had been obtained when the trees were still covered in snow; the second tree surgeon was able to make a closer inspection. The Clerk had already been asked to progress work to the tree outside 6 Harris Gardens, which was one of the 2 trees in extremely poor condition. To speed up the process, the Clerk had applied for permission to fell the 2 trees, 18/00408/DD, and the resident said that a tree officer had already been out to inspect the tree. Councillors resolved to accept the quotation to fell 2 trees. Proposed by MBu, seconded by MJ; motion unanimously carried.

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