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URPC – Allotment allocation

The September PC Agenda includes an item on allotment allocation and management.

It is asking the councillors to consider the following:

  1. Allotments:
    1. To consider requesting a licence for the parish council to occupy the allotments prior to formal handover of the land from the developer;
    2. To receive a letter from a resident about the statutory obligation to provide allotments and fairness to residents on the waiting list since 2011 of allocation by ballot;
    3. To re-open the allotment waiting list in order to determine demand for plots, consider how it will be advertised, and any terms and conditions that may apply.

Comment: Unsure about item 2. I think 50% of the allotments should be allocated by ballot for the original village and the other 50% for the new village by ballot. This has to be the fairest way, not a claim that there has been an invisible list since 2011.

Item 1 and 3 are well worth considering.


One thought on “URPC – Allotment allocation

  1. The only fair way to allocate the allotments is for everyone who wants one to register and then draw the names out of the hat until all the allotments are allocated. New residents have the same right to the allotments as long standing residents so there should not be any dividing up of allotments to old and new village. We are one village.. aren’t we?

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