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URPC – Once there was 11 councillors now there are 9 …………

Update (4 August 2019): I resigned today, which leaves 2 vacancies. Good luck to Upper Rissington Parish Council. I know that this Parish Council has the interest of the village at heart and will always make the correct decision for the parish, irrespective of what commentators may say. I can honestly say, that in the short space of time that I have known this council, it has been a great pleasure to work with so many professionals. Unfortunately, as I no longer live in the village I felt that it was the correct thing to do, as I couldn’t devote enough time to the important projects that will be forthcoming.

Picture: Cllr Myrddin Roberts being Merlin….. 🙂

Date: July 21 2019. I am very sad to report that Cllr Myrddin Roberts has resigned from the Parish Council.  In the short space of time that I have known Myrddin he has made a huge impact behind the scenes as well as at PC meetings. His legal and human resource knowledge has been very welcome and will be greatly missed.

Until, I met Myrddin on the council, I knew very little of him, I thought he had a huge axe to grind regarding Public Open Space and VF. How wrong I was, in fact he had the whole village at heart, just as all the other nine councillors do.

All, I ask is be very careful on who is co-opted or voted in as a replacement. The Parish Council needs people who work as a team and people that will ensure the village is delivered to an acceptable standard before the POS is considered for adoption by the Council. That’s why Myrddin will be missed, he was a team player. Good luck and thank you!

Here is the notice of vacancy. Here is an opportunity for the two that didn’t manage to get elected last time: Mike South and Kelvin Walker.

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3 thoughts on “URPC – Once there was 11 councillors now there are 9 …………

  1. Myrddin was a truly OUTSTANDING councillor and will be very badly missed by every single member of the PC. He had such a depth of knowledge and experience to draw on, to help guide us, as a group forward. Absolutely a team player and one who worked tirelessly for the good of our community, striving continually to for the betterment of our village! He will be so greatly missed. His departure is HUGE loss to this council and to our great village.

  2. I am sure the Parish Council will function extremely well with nine councillors from a possible eleven.

    My only advice is to be aware of who you either vote onto the Parish Council or co-opt on, there is an element in the village who could destroy the public perception of this prestigious team if allowed to join.

    However, there could be an advantage of allowing this “element” onto the PC, as they will be gagged from sending indiscriminate emails to government and commercial bodies.

  3. Someone on FB mentioned that a foreign national should stand as a councillor. Well unfortunately, just like myself foreign nationals do not comply with the requirements to be a councillor for Upper Rissington (unless of course nationality has changed to UK). Please read this document.

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