URPC Trees – TPO / Survey

At the Parish Council Meeting on 13th December chaired by Marc Buffrey positive progress was made on the issue of trees, especially those that require work in the older part of the village.

Marc promised the council will conduct a revised survey if necessary.

We do know that all the UR trees are mapped under a TPO system and the map showing the position of all the trees is in the Parish Council Office as well as the CDC office.

A tree survey costing £4800 by Treework Environment Practice was conducted in 2014 and the report from the survey does not match the TPO plan. Incidentally, the report was instigated by two of the present councillors……………..

On the 13th Dec 17, it  was suggested at the PC Meeting, the surveyors should be pursued to correct this extremely unsatisfactory situation as the plan paid for was Gold plated.

The first work under this survey was conducted in February 2015 by Town and Country Trees when much work had to be conducted to place the surveyed trees on the TPO map by Cllr Flint and Cllr Hepburn. This is a copy of the work completed. click here.

Cllr Flint and Cllr Hepburn left URPC in May 2015, and since ths time no work has been conducted on trees, except for emergency work and very recently a tree not owned by URPC was accidentally felled.

After many attempts by residents to  ask the council to do tree work, no action has taken place. 

Crawshore Aborcare Ltd conducted a survey in August 2017, costing £650 because of the failings of the original £4800 survey. The plan was to continue work in October 2017.

Thinking positively, Marc will be discussing a plan with the other councillors and his suggestion was to conduct a revised survey that actually matched the TPO. He also suggested that the councillors should walk the village with the surveyors to agree action. All this clearly has to be agreed at a council meeting.

Footnote: Mark Berry the CDC Tree Officer suggested that URPC demand their money back as the Tree Survey conducted by Treework Environment Practice was essentially very poor.

I believe the issue raised by Karen Milroy at the meeting when she explained how Cllr’s Laird and Hanks had reviewed the trees damaged in the recent snow storm where a difference of opinion was evident. Neither councillor was present at the meeting of the 13th Dec 2017 to comment.

REF: Upper Rissington TPO