P.C. Minutes

Minutes Production

Decisions taken at a meeting take effect immediately and do not depend on the minutes being approved at the next meeting.

The minutes should be produced as quickly as possible after the meeting in order to circulate them to Members. It can be helpful for the Clerk or minute taker to provide a draft of the minutes for the Chair of the meeting. This is an opportunity to pick up any mistakes in the content or identify typing errors, but it is not to be used by the Chair as a means of re-writing the minutes.

It is good practice to circulate the draft minutes no later than 10 working days after the meeting. It is acceptable for the draft minutes to be published (on the website or notice board, or to provide copies to members of the public), but they do not become valid minutes until they are accepted as a correct record and signed by the Chair at the next meeting. Minutes in draft form should therefore record that fact clearly (at the top and bottom) to the effect: “Minutes subject to approval at the next meeting” or by using a “draft” watermark.