The Linbo updated VF completion plan (CD)

Linden and Bovis have delivered a CD via the Remarkable Group to residents with a letter explaining their future plans for the village today.

The Letter.

CDC Planning Variations
CDC Planning Variations 1
CDC Planning Variations 2
CDC Planning Variations 3

Below are 7 very important files from this CD explaining all. Please review them and then view this POST.

Landscape Planning File List. :Landscape Planning File – 5109 – Drawing Issue Sheet 23.8.2017

Play Areas & Trim Trail: Play Areas & trim Trail – 5109_LBS_002_email

Full Details of the Proposed Play Parks: Full Details of the Play Parks: 5109.PLAYSPACE PROPOSALS email

Original S106 Landscape Drawing: Original S106 Landscape Drawing – 5109.PP.L

An overview of the Play Space: Play Space Overview – 5109.PS.OVERVIEW

Pathway and Cycle Path Overview: Pathway and Cycle Paths – 5109.HS.O

A section of the Southern (Football) field?: Southern Area adjacent to Barrington Road – 5109 Proposed Section Details _ C



  • Nearly 400 views on this page yesterday – one of the most popular pages ever. I guess its because few of us these days have a CD reader.

  • Surprised your server has not crashed Jerry!!!

    • Yep, it’s another year later and server renewal time is around the corner. Unsure what to do again, as the total cost for all websites is £300 per annum and in reality is it of use? Yes, I think it is but…..last year sponsorship was promised which failed to materialise.

  • Jerry, it seems the PC want the old village to receive those useless CDS LinBo sent us? Wot no broadband to download from here and you all still use CD drives on your computer’s over there! It’s 2 different world’s eh?

    • I only have one CD Drive and its in my old Mac. Many people don’t have them these days. What a waste of money and time as said they are listed here and linked on Facebook to download.

      When you say the PC, you mean Dawn Laird who is clearly requested them. Maybe donate your old ones for redistribution in the Village Hall for those people who are really desperate to see the files.

  • Please not this extra information sent to Victory Fields residents today:

    Updated – 17 Oct 2017 – Please see the attached sent to residents regarding removing or varying the planning application.

    CDC Planning Variations
    CDC Planning Variations 1
    CDC Planning Variations 2
    CDC Planning Variations 3

  • Jerry, the letter states Public Open Spaces but these forms seem to be more relevant to listed buildings? How many of those are there on VF? Some may need these forms by the time VF is finished? LOL!

  • The Remarkable Group have just delivered the same information to all of the village. All they had to do was upload it to a website, as I am sure that is easier to access than files from a CD-Rom. 🙂

  • This file is very interesting.

    There is business block between the school and the Gym. There are at least two more near the roundabout on the right exiting Mitchell Way.

    The Guardroom doubles in size plus what looks like 24 houses. All shown on the playpark file.

    EDIT: I think its the original plan but with 24 houses and what could be the Guardroom doubling in size and the original PUB and NURSERY. Difficult to know.

  • Today, Mike South, Margaret Flint, Nigel Moor and Geoffrey Clifton-Brown briefed their concerns to CDC in Cirencester in regards to the future amendments to the PLAN.

    It is imperative that once the plans are loaded onto the CDC Portal that you make comments if you think it relevant.

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