Village Hall Trust

We have our chairs for the Community Room, we have our new tables for the Community Room. We have our new cleaning machine which is keeping the floors clean and hygienic. The usage of the hall is improving and this is making the Hall a vibrant facility which is, in turn, generating funds to help us invest in improving the facilities. In the next few months we’re setting up the priorities for our spending. Very shortly we intend to put opaque window covering in the sports hall to improve privacy for hirers. We’re looking into signage, both at the Hall and pointing to the Hall

It’s not all plain sailing, we’ve had a few maintenance issues, but with the goodwill and help of good neighbours using their specialist skills we’re getting by really well. Nick and Radka Allport saved the day when we had one unfortunate incident that could have meant closing the Hall. They provided help to us within hours of our emergency. We also had tremendous service from Albion the next day who checked out our whole drainage system within an hour of them being informed of our problems. Our heating system decided to leave us in the cold with a set of intermittent faults. Ashley North gave up his evenings after a hard day’s work to nurse the system back to full health. The gardens are ever improving through Jackie’s tender care; they took a hammering at the fireworks display but they will come back as everything is being prudently planned to withstand the heavy wear we want to see from a well-used Hall. We are so grateful to the many volunteers who are helping to keep the Hall a part of the community and helping us to control costs in the process: thank you.

We still have vacancies for the Management Committee. We need people who represent as much of the community as possible. We need diversity of opinion to add to the wealth of skill and knowledge that will be provided by our new appointees (more on them in the next edition). We’re looking for people who are community-minded, who can work as part of a team. We really need people who can add different opinions to the pot, but can respect and work with the opinions of others. Come to our open day on 9th December and chat with us to see if you would enjoy working with us. It is sometimes stimulating, sometimes fun, and a way to exercise your skills in an environment that benefits your community.

On the subject of the Open Day: circumstances meant that we’ve had to cancel two intended dates. We have a solid date now, Saturday 9th December, 11am until 1pm. We’ve organised refreshments including mulled wine and mulled fruit juice (Christmas spirit minus the alcoholic spirit). Enjoy a mince pie and a chat with many of the groups, organisations, clubs and societies who use the Hall. Talk to the Social Committee about upcoming events and how you might get involved; meet the Little Hurricanes; and check out the dance, self-defence, relaxation and yoga classes. The Rotary Club will be there to discuss local membership and activities. Meet and chat with the Trustees and Management Team about what we intend to do with your Hall. Give us your view on the priorities for developing the facilities and equipment in the Hall. There’ll be a bit of a Christmas theme to the day with Christmas carols in the background and there may even be a tree (not guaranteed yet). If you’re new to the area come and meet your new neighbours and see what you can get involved in. If you’ve been here a while, come and make sure we’ve got your views on what you want from your Village Hall. It’s intended to be a fun, sociable and informative event which we hope to run annually.