Village Tree Survey & Works (2019)

During the November Council meeting dated 13 November 2021 following a discussion on trees, it was mentioned that a new tree survey was required. As a point of fact the last survey was completed in 2019. A new survey is not required, the only action that needs to be taken is the employment of a contractor to do the work, following a request to Cotswold District Council if TPO trees are involved.

Parish Clerk, Pauline Rigby was organising cyclic tree work in 2019 (this is exactly the process that should be ongoing today): Here is one of her TPO Requests.

It was also mentioned that there are trees that the council do not own which are in a dangerous state. It was suggested by one councillor irrespective of tree ownership that the council could carry out work on such trees. Thankfully, it was pointed that pubic funds should not be used to maintain private trees. Consequently, this was put to bed, it is incumbent on the owner of the tree(s) to take action, otherwise a precedent is set that could cost the council money in legal work to remedy their mistake.

Hopefully, the Council reviews the files below and takes action.

Upper Rissington PC Tree Survey Excel Doc 2019: Upper Rissington PC Tree Survey 
TPO Tree Survey 2019: TPO Tree Survey
TPO Tree Works Identified 2019: TPO Tree Works Identified
Location of the Tree 2019s: Location of the Trees