Parish Council & Town

Ward Councillor Election Results – Cirencester

A few pictures taken during the process of counting votes at Cirencester (CDC), organised extremely well by the returning officer, Nigel Adams for the Ward Councillors.

Declan & I didn’t stay until all the ward results were announced, but we did stay until our ward result was revealed. It is very clear that the Brexit confusion, has had a major impact on the voting at local level and the Liberal Democrats have done exceptionally well at the Tories expense.

In our ward, Mark Mackenzie-Charrington lost out to the Green candidate Andrew Maclean. I suspect some of this is through a campaign against Mark from some residents and Brexit as the last majority was 500. I wish Andrew well, but we have just lost someone who knows the particular facets of the VF development. Have to say the turnout was exceptionally poor at 36.8% (375 votes v 338 votes).

Regarding the Parish Council votes, it is clear Social Media has had a huge impact on the voting in our village. I managed to see many of the crosses on the PC voting cards. It looks like yours truly has suffered very badly in the process. I guess the people have spoken…….obviously, will wait for the results.


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