Weather forecast highlights potential for flooding

Press Release from Cotswold District Council:

The Met Office advises there is potential for thunderstorm activity and heavy rain in the Gloucestershire area on Friday 13 July, possibly leading to flooding. As a result. residents are being advised to avoid complacemcy arising from the recent hot weather and ensure their properties are prepared for any possible flood event.

Cllr Sue Coakley, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said:

“While this spell of hot weather has been very welcome in some ways, these heatwave events often generrate thunderstorms and possible flash flooding.

“Heavy rain can occur at this time of year as we saw with the floods of July 2007 and it pays to be prepared through taking basic precautions such as ensuring ditches, channels and gutters are clear.

“This will mean less damage and lower repair bills should a flood occur.”

Comprehensive advice on keeping flood water out and adapting your home to minimise the risk of damage from flood water is on our website.

If you do experience flooding in your home, please call the Council on 01285 623000 so that we can monitor the situation and lend assistance if possible.

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