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The webmaster of this site is leaving the village for pastures new, as yet unknown (we haven’t purchased a replacement home and will probably go on holiday for a while). Consequently, any updates will be less frequent and I do hope if anyone has any news for the site, they will email them to me for inclusion.

We still have family in the area and therefore will visit regularly, and as a consequence will be very interested in seeing how this fantastic village develops. I believe once the public open space is completed and the Parish Council becomes the successful manager,  this will help amalgamate the village into a United Rissington.

I plan to take some datum pictures of important elements and revisit the same area periodically to compare.

It’s has been a roller coaster ride over the last few years, but the Clubs such as Little Hurricanes, CUR:ve, Scouts, Pioneers, Social Committee, Historical Society that have successfully grown can only improve the village through time.

I will still be a member of the Parish Council in the short term and hope to be able to represent anyone. Therefore please email: for any item you would like to see taken to a parish Council meeting. I can’t guarantee success, but we can try to get things done.

Good luck Upper Rissington (beauty in the Cotswolds).

Kind Regards


NB: Will turn on comments on all new posts.

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