Who’s Who?

Who do you need to contact?

Apologies for the many missing names and groups. However, the list below is a start and as I gain information the list will extend. Dome of these groups have accounts and I cannot find published accounts on any specialist website, except for the parish Council. If more information can be found, I will publish and make a page of the information. Also, if any information is incorrect, please notify me and I will correct.

Social Committee:
Katherine Finch
Wayne Fisher: URSC@btinternet.com 07592 533596
David Harrison
Keelin McLeman
Richard Ariel
Melanie Sylvester

The Breeze:
Sue Handy – Editor
Keelin McLeman – Advertising keelinbracken@gmail.com
As above: URSC@btinternet.com 07592 533596

Ann Jordan
David Harrison

Parish Council:
Andrew Cairns: andy.cairns@upperrissington-pc.gov.uk
Sandi Garrett: sandi.garrett@upperrissington-pc.gov.uk
Dan Holden:  dan.holden@upperrissington-pc.gov.uk
Nicholas Maxey: nick.maxey@upperrissington-pc.gov.uk
Sandra Mitchell:  sandra.mitchell@upperrissington-pc.gov.uk
Kelvin Walker: kelvin.walker@upperrissington-pc.gov.uk

Rotary in the Rissington:
John Barber
Andrew Mitchell