Why, a website and why now?

The answer is, I don’t know really. Boredom maybe, trouble is I have time on my hands and a little knowledge of the village. I did live in it for 11 years after all.

The website, was purely for the photographs that I took in this period. Then after relinquishing the day to day running of the PC website, I thought why not expand this site, to include the items that couldn’t be included on a PC website. The positive, is that I managed to rearrange the Council website from a car wreck, during a period of uncertainty when various people tried to manage it. I then reorganised it, so that it at least functioned and added numerous pages as required. All of which I enjoyed doing for the village.

Plus, it was clear Cllr Maxey wasn’t happy that I was the PC webmaster, amongst others in the village judging by the comments (some libellous) I heard from the audio of a meeting in the Summer, therefore rather than get embroiled in a you said, he said, it was best that I left. To be fair, as part of the Clerks employment, she should maintain the website.

You will therefore, notice some similarities between websites. This is because they use the same theme and images loaded from 2019 are the same as those here. I have asked the webmaster to use their own images in the future. If I was the Council, I would change the theme too.

We have a Twitter Feed and a Facebook page, where these posts are repeated. Twitter & Facebook.

OK an explanation. PAGES – these is where the fixed information is shown. 

This is an explanation of POSTS: This is where the News is posted.

The same posts can be viewed via the NEWS tab on the posts. You will notice a Green URPC or Planning sub tab for example. By selecting that you can find similar posts. Or got the left column and select the posts you desire via Rissington news categories. The layout is always subject to change, but that is a basic explanation. The really useful information, I will endeavour to post under PAGES.

The SITE MAP may also help to understand the site structure.